Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mamas on the Move

So I was talking to Alexis about how I need to get in shape. Need to exercise, feel better and look better. After talking we decided that we should train for a 5k. Mom and Al had already decided they were going to do Couch to 5k-I decided to join in on the fun (i hope i can see the fun). Weight loss for me has not necessarily been a struggle. It has been more like I haven't chose to do. Anytime that I decide I want to lose weight I do. . . then I get pregnant again! haha! So now that I am DONZO having kids I want to get back into shape quicker so I can have the energy to enjoy my kids. I don't know if you have seen them lately but I cannot keep up is an understatement. I am well aware I will not be running around with them all day. But I definitely want to have energy to spend time with Jess when he gets home. 

Back to the program. Alexis and Mama downloaded the 9 week program Couch to 5k from Itunes. The 3 of us did our day of week one. It is timed out so you walk/run a 5K each time. So we will do this workout 3 times this week. In between I will be doing my Wii workouts. Let me know any great workouts you do! I like a change up. We are also still deciding on which 5K to run, any suggestions would be awesome! 

I'm running the 5K to help me shed this last bit of a "baby weight" that I'm still carrying around. Mallorie's phone call yesterday was just what I needed to stop making excuses and starting doing something. Getting back in the exercising mind set has been hard for me. Prior to getting pregnant, I had been training for a 10K and at the time was running 4 miles a day. I continued exercising through my first trimester, but I haven't really done anything since. 

There are three things (or should I say excuses) that have been keeping me from taking action

  1. Most of my pre-baby clothes still fit. Sure they're a little tighter and don't look as good, but I could wear my skinny jeans like 3 weeks after I had Love Bean. 
  2. I don't have time. But I could easily make time, it just might mean getting up at 5:30am instead to 6:30am
  3. Everything I've read says to lose "baby weight" in a healthy way, you should give yourself 9 months and it's only been 4, so I have lots of time. But I'm sure this wasn't meant to be a free pass to drink tons of pop, eat lot's of chocolate, and to sit on my butt all day every Saturday
No more excuses, I'm getting back in shape! And I'm excited to being doing it with my sisters. Having them to hold me accountable will be so helpful in keeping my on track.

Exercise for me after Ruth was very stop and go and eventually got to stop and never do it again. Things get busy and it seems like my exercise and eating habits were the first to go on the back burner. So like Mal said, my Mamma and I were talking about it and decided we needed to get serious. We convinced the sissys (no pun intended)  to get serious to and train for the 5k. I am using the couch to 5k podcasts on my ipod which are really nice but those are only for 3 days of the week . The other 3 days I am doing a circuit which includes jump roping, abs, and some other good stuff. I am trying to just take 30 minutes out of my day to exercise as well as watch my portions and what I eat, especially cut back on my pop! Its Day 2 for me and I am feeling great I just hope I can keep it up and get to the "high" or addiction everyone talk about exercise. 


  1. Keep up the good work ladies!

  2. I feel the need to let you all know that this momma (yes I am the momma to these three) is at least going to walk the 5k not any promises that I will run!

  3. I too have started a new healthier me campaign. Into week 4 and doing pretty good. I'm all for doing a 5k. Can I play?

  4. I too have been on all his roller coaster of trying to get in shape, but most of all healthy..as you probably all know I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight even as a little girl, actually struggling is an understatement..but please keep me updated about this 5k you guys speak of...I may be interested.


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