Monday, February 20, 2012

Dig a Little Deeper with Mal

1. What's one thing you have that you should really throw away, but can't?
hmmm...I really don't know. I don't even have an idea. I don't get attached to much and since I lose anything I do, I can't think of anything. sorry!

2. What was the last movie you saw? 
Currently watching What Happens in Vegas

3. What's your favorite drink? 
Dr. Pepper is my favorite drink...ever! I love it, I try to give it up but I just don't want too! It is either Dr. Pepper or water for me:) If we are talking alcoholic though, I don't really like anything. I will down a vodka and cranberry though when needed;)

4. If you could invite any 5 people, living or dead, to a dinner party, who would invite?
Oh my, this question is hard. I would have to say I don't think I would have anyone famous. I would invite a few of my relatives to ask questions. I love hearing Jess' Great Grandma Richardson's stories. So I would invite my Great Grandpa Williams, Great Grandpa and Grandma Smith and my Grandpa Dykhouse's biological mother. I never met either of those three and would have been great to know them. I would love to hear what they had to say. Then I would also have to invite my friend Emily, although not best friends, we were friends and it would be fun to catch up. I find it funny sometimes when I think about a time when we were at my house. We were waiting for her mom to pick her up and she was talking about how she liked Jesse. It makes me chuckle:) 

5. Describe yourself in 7 words or less.
Love. honest. dependable. trusting. hopeful. faith. competitive.

6. What is your favorite piece of clothing and why? 
My black yoga pants they are so comfy and they never look dressy. But I think you can dress them up a little...right? 

7. What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know? 
I care what people think, I get nervous around new people and I would do anything for my family. 

8. What is your favorite childhood memory?
I love remembering our family vacations. Jamie and I in the backseat doing who knows what and Alexis and baby bro would get so mad. I think they felt left out:( It was one of the times where Jamie and I actually got along good;)

9. Would you rather be too hot or too cold? 
too hot!!!! I do not like being cold. 

10. What are you wearing as you type this? 
haah, black yoga pants, black longsleeve and purple cardi

11. What's one thing you want to do before you die?
That's a tough one. Hmmm...currently it would have to be take the kids to Disney. I know they would love it and what makes them happy, makes me happy! 

12. How would you describe you parenting style?
I would say I am laid back for the most part. I expect a lot of my kids though. I use time out, sometimes spank, and always follow through.

13. What kind of parent do you strive to be?
I want to be that parent whose kids fear them in some aspects but trust them also. Wait...does that exist, can that exist? Either way I think I would rather have my kids fear what I think than walk all over me. I am NOT their friend now. I have a responsibility to make them good human beings. We can be friends later!?

14. What's one thing you never said you would do, that you now do?
I always hated when my parents said, "Go ask your dad" or "I don't know go ask your mom." I do this all the time. 

15. What is one thing you do differently than your parents?
I let my girls help in the kitchen whenever they want. I like that they want to to do that. Although sometimes it takes longer it is usually a fun bonding time. I should put a disclaimer out there that obviously there are times when it is too hot or something where they can't help. My mother wouldn't let us in the kitchen when d she cooked. C'mon mom is it really that bad!? haha!!

16. Best piece of advice you have ever been given?
-Never wake a sleeping baby-I believe I heard this from my mother and good family friend Nancy as well.
-Also I read somewhere to tell your kids what your plan or schedule is for the day. They said it would eliminate a lot of questions. I think this worked. Andi wakes up every morning asking what we are going to do today. 
-Just do you.
-Don't say something that you will never follow through with.

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