Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Love List

Wowww March flew by. Here is what we are lovin' and lookin' forward to in April.

Ruth's first Easter! Shes getting a bunny. shhhhhh!
A night out with the girls (long overdue, 1st one since getting prego with Ruth)
Cousin Jenner's Bridal shower (we have a pretty cute/fun shower planned)
Garage Sale, there something relieving about dejunking and getting rid of stuff
March for Babies walk!

Love Bean's first Easter! (She's not getting a bunny)
Easter - it's my favorite holiday
March for Babies
Some big changes are coming for the Krenz family (I'll fill you in later)
Spring weather

Gatlyn's first Easter (no bunny either)
Easter-It is also my favorite holiday
March for Babies walk on the 28th!
I'll say it one more time...gatlyn is coming home!!!

Have a great Easter and remember the real reason for the holiday! 

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