Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Salad in a Jar

After opening my parents fridge and seeing Alexis had filled Mason jars with a bunch of different vegetables, I got excited. I was like, "I have seen salad in a jar...but everything!?! I love it!"

One because I love jars. We drink out of them daily. Another reason I was excited is because veggies and lettuce always seem to go bad before we can eat all of them! An added bonus is I can make a few ahead for Jess to pack in his lunch. I do not get up with him in the morning (good for any wives that do). 5 o'clock comes way to fast for this mama! Believe me though, I get asked to get up with him every morning!

Anyway, the salad in the jar is perfect for him to take to work. It's so easy, he can just grab it and go. I pre-made some just with onions, peppers, carrots and lettuce. I also made one for a taco salad, black beans, onion, peppers, cheese, lettuce. He'll be able to just add the meat and chips on his lunch break. He'll still have to spend time in the morning make a sandwhich to go with it, but at the jar salads will save him a little time. 

Something along the same lines that I do is, wash and cut up all of my fruit when I gets home from the grocery store. I put in a clear bowl with a lid and on the top shelf, so it's the first thing we see when we open the fridge. I've found when I do this we don't waste as much fruit, and we snack a lot healthier as well!

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  1. Salad in a jar....interesting concept. I shall try. And I also wash and cut up all of the fruit and put it in a clear bowl. It's all eaten instead of it going bad and having to throw it away!


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