Monday, April 2, 2012

Potty Training Fun

A lot of things are going on right now. On top of my list is getting Rae potty trained. I know it probably seems like why waste your time with that right now? Well people, when a girl is ready, she is ready! The fact she tells me when she has gone in her diaper is a sure sign. So we went and got her a potty yesterday!! (Well it just goes on our seat.) The fact we aren't home as much right now may put at a damper on this.

Today the girls and I went to get Ruth's Easter stuff with Al and Ruth. We came home and started the training again. Only one accident for the two hours she had without her diaper. Then tonight she went for the babysitter! I was super stoked she actually told Taylor she had to go. I think we are making progress:)

We will see how the next few days go. Hopefully we won't have to deal with diapers on two kids when Gat comes home!! It would be great if Rae decides not to regress when he comes home. Any potty training stories are welcome!

Rae in action, "I wanna hold it." Yes she calls Gatlyn "it"


Any t-shirt orders and money need to be in to Alexis or myself by Easter. If we don't have your money then we will not be ordering shirts for you. sorry:( If you would like to donate or become apart of our team go to TEAM GATLYN. Thanks!!

We also painted Gatlyn's room this weekend. I really want to show some pictures, but, I haven't taken any with my actual camera yet:( Hopefully next week I can get those up! 

Gatlyn is doing great lately. Although it seems like they keep moving the amount his feedings need to get to:( We won't get him home for Easter...which means he hasn't had any of his "first" big holidays at home. I guess we will get the 4th of July though;) He just needs to keep gaining weight and get through a couple more feeding issues. 

I wanted to post more pictures but my Ipod is being lame.

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