Saturday, April 7, 2012

Miss Ruth's Birth Story

I'm having a little bit of a bloggers block lately so I guess I'll just keep copying Jamie's posts ;) Here is the story of how my sweet Ruth came into this world.

I was due June 8, 2011. The days leading up to that day, physically I knew I wasn't probably going to go into labor but mentally I convinced myself I would. I didn't have an uncomfortable pregnancy and I am so thankful for the easy one I had. However, I was definitely not one of those woman who absolutely loved it.  I would have to say my favorite part about it was being able to use it as a excuse for being fat and eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it.

Anyways, the 8th came around and still no sign of her and someone told me at work not to worry because  I wasn't going to have her until the 18th (his wedding day). I laughed and said yeah right. Well then the 9th came, the 10th, the 11th....well you get it. The 15th I had a doctors appointment. The week before she checked me and I was dilated to like a 1 and this week it I was still a 1 almost a 2. We decided to do a sweep to see if that would help get things going. I left the doctors office eager and excited knowing that this was going to work. Well once again nothing. The morning of the 17th came (7 days over) so as decided by the doc and I, I would go into the hospital and try a round of cytotec (a tablet inserted into the cervix to ripen the cervix and induce labor).

We went to the hospital at 8:00am and got hooked up to the monitor and waited and waited and waited. Some contractions started but nothing I couldn't bare, so we continued playing Skip BO and watching TV, so excited we might get to meet her today. Well time went by and I was still contracting enough that we couldn't put another 1/2 of the cytotec in so then sent me home :( They said, often woman go into labor randomly in the middle of the night so maybe they would see me, if not to come back in the morning. We went home and went on a walk thinking maybe it would help speed things up, nope. I went to bed and thought  better wake up in the middle of the night! Unfortunately I woke up in the morning, now 8 days over, feeling better then ever.

So we packed up our stuff again and went back to the hospital, got settled in and got got another round. Contractions started coming on right away and I was so sure it was going to work this time. They were a little stronger this time but nothing I that stopped me from winning a game of Skip Bo :). 3:00 came and the contractions were still coming and were pretty consistent. The doc came in and checked me and said I was progressing and was a 3 and asked me if I wanted to wait or if I wanted her to break my water. So anxious and ready to meet her and after discussing it with the doc I said yes. She broke my water around 3:30 and had me admitted into the hospital.

After that the contractions really picked up. We did laps around the halls, trying to keep my mind off of them. They kept getting worse and I was having really bad back pain so we tried the ball the help relieve that, it helped a little. I decided a hot shower would feel good, so I got in. I sat there forevvverrrrr, it felt so good on my back! Meanwhile there was a malfunction with the shower drain, so i was flooding the whole bathroom and room! lol there was water everywhere! I looked at the nurse and said, "sorry but I have to stay in here, that's just going to have to get cleaned up." It was 5:00 now and the doc came back in to check me, she said I was at a 5 so I still had a ways to go. Frustrated I said okay, and laid there trying to breath through the contractions. It was my goal not to get an epidural so I kept just looking at the clock thinking "1 more hour, 1 more hour, I can make it another hour" I would make it an hour and think "Its going to end sometime...there has to be an end." Hours passed and I decided I needed something, so I asked for some drugs into my IV (whatever they're called, the stuff that makes you drunk). The nurse gave me that and I swore to her that it didn't work or she didn't give me enough. At that point I still felt every contraction but I felt like I was dreaming them lol.

Time passed and the doc came back around 9:45 checked me again and said I was still a 5 almost a 6 and that I probably had another 5 hours to go. I was like, "Are you fricking kidding me!!!" Very frustrated and wanting to cry I began to think "I can't do this for another 5 hours!! I got the IV drug to early!" I felt like I had to go to the bathroom so I decided to get up and and try. I sat down and instantly felt the need to push and saw blood (which freaked me out lol!) so I yelled to Josh to go get the doctor. She came in and I freaked I said I'm bleeding I need to push. She calmed me down and said "its okay its normal why don't we get to you the bed and I will check you"

Sure enough not even 5 minutes from when she check me last and I was at a 5,  I was now at a 10 and was ready to start pushing. It was so much better now that I could use the contractions and started pushing at 10:55 the doc said "good job, keep it up and we can have her here by 10" Sure enough 10:03pm on June 18th, 2010 just in time for fathers day Ruthie Josefina de Lara arrived 6lbs 12oz and 18 inches long and as perfect as could be! It was so funny she didn't even cry (but was breathing don't worry) and just looked around. It wasn't until later in the middle of the night we heard her cry for the first time.

Now Miss Ruth is 9 months old and almost walking! Seems crazy we went through all of it that long ago. Now Ruthie is my everything, I have absolutely no idea what I would do without her.

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