Friday, October 12, 2012

September Love List

Like last month, this September we all have pretty similar Love Lists. So, we're just doing one joint list.
  • Stella turns 1 on the 20th!
  • Family vacation in South Haven
  • Little brother turns 20 on the 25th
  • Our cousin Kasey is getting married
  • Mallorie's new Pampered Chef venture
  • Mallorie and Jamie start their Fantasy Football league
  • Season premiers of some of our favorite TV shows (Modern Family and Once Upon A Time)
  • Jamie's friend is getting married
  • Baby shower for another one of Jamie's friends


  1. Is Mallorie a Pampered Chef consultant? I've been wanting to either have a party or go to a party or just order some things. Please let me know if she has an open house or whatever. Or maybe even just send a catalogue?


    1. I am becoming one! I would love to help you out.


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