Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Favorite: Kid's Game

At the Schrock household we like to play games. Now that Jo is getting older we like to sit down and play a game with her when we get the chance. This tends to happen when the other kids get put in bed first though, I think that is for obvious reasons. We play memory. Jo is good at it so she wins once in awhile.

That brings me to another topic though. We do not let Jo win any game by taking it easy on her. I am sure some people think this is ridiculous. But we are firm believers in the fact you need to know how to  win and lose. We do not want to have a little girl that pouts every time she looses at something. So, this is our way of teaching her "how to lose". 

Believe me though, there are some times where she wins. Actually more times then not she wins at memory. I think we need to teach her how to win more gracefully though. She does not take it easy on us by all means. 

When looking or thinking for Christmas gifts for your 4 year olds and older look into memory. Just beware that you may not get to win at it. The little ones are way sharper then we are. . . well maybe I should just speak for Jess and myself;)

Family Favorite Fridays is a new series, every Friday we'll be posting one of our family favorites, it could be anything, like a game, book, recipe or song.

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