Friday, October 12, 2012

Pampered Chef

So you may think I am crazy but I am starting a Pampered Chef business! I am so excited about doing it too. Why am I excited about it you ask? Let me tell you.

  • I flat out LOVE Pampered Chef products. Seriously though, I didn't even notice how much PC product I had before I started selling.
  • I get some time just for me where I can talk with adults.
  • I want people to LOVE it as well.
  • Also being a one income family money can be tight. This is a fun way for me to pitch in.
I have had one cooking show thus far and I enjoyed it. I also really enjoy talking to the people on our PC team. 

Best discovery thus far. . . 

I have had a deep covered baker since we have been married. I thought it was one of those "use once a month pans." There are so many more things this baker can do!! 

First off it is a PC stone (which I am currently loving!) and secondly it can go in the microwave. And no, it does not taste like it either. I made a baked potato chowder the other day in it and it took 25 minutes. Anyone that has ever attempted to make baked potato chowder/soup or what have you, knows that it seems impossible to do that. 

There are three types of shows you can do if you are interested. A Cooking Show, Catalog Show or an Online/Facebook Show.

If interested in the upcoming host and guest specials please let me know:)

You can contact me via Facebook or email:

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