Friday, October 5, 2012

Family Favorite: Movie

If your looking for a good movie, like literally a good ass movie, you MUST watch Warrior. I have watched this movie no lie 6 times this year. That's because I insist people watch it an then of course I have to watch it with them. This movie will make you laugh, cry, scream, cheer, and yes maybe even stand up and clap.

It is about two brothers and UFC/MMA fighting. Ladies, don't let that scare you off if its not your thing, I guarantee the story line will have you emptying a box of tissues.

I know its a great movie because even my dad liked it! He's hard to please in the movie category but he loved it, mostly because he couldn't predict it. At the beginning of the movie he said "this that and that is going to happen, but I will watch it anyway," along with an eye roll. But let me to tell you, I just smiled and laughed inside the whole movie because, HE WAS WRONG!

So if your bored stuck inside this chilly fall weekend, rent a movie and grab some popcorn, and if you're like us a Speedway fountain pop, and watch Warrior.

Enjoy some pics from the movie to get a little sneak peek. Don't be alarmed by the abnormal beast like shoulders Tommy has.

Have any favorite movies that you vote a must see?! Please share, I love a good movie :) And let me know what if ya think of Warrior!


Family Favorite Fridays is a new series, every Friday we'll be posting one of our family favorites, it could be anything, like a game, book, recipe or song.

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