Monday, October 1, 2012

Love List

  • Halloween is so much fun! Be on the lookout for Snow White, Cruella Deville, and a Gnome.
  • Three weddings for the Schrock's, of course all on the same day. And yes they are all at least a hour drive from each other. 
  • Gatlyn's birthday! He is going to be ONE, ahhhhhhh!
  • My Pampered Chef business is in full swing:)
  • Halloween, by majority vote we will have an oompa loompa roaming around.
  • Cider, especially Mal's hot cider she just made for Stelly's party.
  • Fun fall things!
  • Gman's 1st Birthday!!!
  • I'll be transforming Love Bean into a rockstar for Halloween
  • Leaves changing colors
  • I'm starting a bootcamp class
  • We're going to check out Artprize next weekend

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