Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Love List

  • JoJo turns 4. She is going to have a "ALL sfrinkles, sfrinkles everwheres"party.
  • Great Wolf Lodge for a couple nights with Jesse's family.
  • Gatlyn could possibly be coming home. (Pray and cross your fingers!)
  • We will be finishing up some big things money wise.
  • And I get to steal Stelly for a weekend when Jamie has a girls weekend. Although I am 98% positive Nanner is going to try and steal her. I just might let her this time;) 
  • Love Bean will be 6 months old on the 20th
  • Girls weekend with Mandy, Katie and Kourtney
  • My friend Amy is visiting on St. Patrick's Day 
  • We started our nanny share and Love Bean loves her new friend
  • My sisters and nieces came to visit!! (lot's of pics to come)
  • Andi Jo's birthday
  • Syrup Season
  • Rue (aka Princess) will be 9 months old!
Hope you have a great March!!

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