Saturday, March 24, 2012


When Miss Ruth was born people always told me to appreciate the little stage now because time flies. I always thought they were crazy, it would be forever before I had to worry about her getting into things and moving around. Well...they were right. Time really does fly by! This past week Ruthie was 9 months old, I cannot believe in just 3 months she will be a whole year! She is learning so much and changing everyday. Now at 9 months she is looking more like me everyday (I like to think), crawling everywhere, eating everything (we call her the human trash can), standing up to things and on her own, and just recently last night crawling up the stairs. I see walking in our near future (HELP!). It seems like just yesterday we were taking naps on the couch and she would just lay on my chest. Now I am lucky if I can get her to sit still for second. I love her to pieces and seriously have no idea who I would be today without her.

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