Saturday, January 26, 2013

Five Years

So five years have passed since Jess and I married each other. WOW! Time flies when you are having fun and or just plan busy. Good Lord life could slow down any minute. I just need to soak in the last 5 years for a minute. Well 5 1/2 if you count when we were dating. 

Don't you like to reminces with your hubby, boy, man, guy or whatever you call him about "the beginning". We seriously laugh every time we talk about it. From the time he was spitting his moves in the high school library to when I broke up with him before we were even dating. Long story, he won and look where we are. 

Then we go to the carefree summer nights and when his ring tone on my phone was this just can't be summer love by none other than thee JT, Justin Timberlake. Riding around in his black, stick shift, chevy truck, yes on the back roads. (We may even have hit, ok actually just swiped with the mirror, a mailbox. . .) 

Then we found out about Jo:) Which where I said, "I DO NOT WANT TO GET MARRIED." and he agreed. Then a couple weeks later Jess said, "I want to be with you forever and I want to be with you and the baby all the time." Therefore we were getting married. So my sisters and mom planned the wedding. I got down at the wedding being 7 months pregnant and had a good time. 

Then comes Jo and the hardships of being 19, married and parents. 

Then comes Raelin and we think we got this parenting thing figured out. So why not get a dog right? In comes Dixie. 

Then comes being homeowners. Which made us 21, married, parents, pet owners and homeowners. 

Then 2011 comes and we have Gatlyn. 

No worries. The list ends there. Until the kids get older then of course I will get another dog. Because I am a closet dog lover, well, now I guess I am out of that closet!

Jess is the man, my man and my kids man. We love him and all he does for our family. Even if he crosses every line possible. In that I mean the kids laugh when you trip them up the first time, but not the third. Or when the kids throw pillows at him, so obviously that gives him the right to do it back as hard as he can. Which a lot of these result into me saying, "C'mon Jess grow up. They are 4 and 2." or you can often hear me saying, "Glad I married the cool kid."

I love him. Even if he does pout all Sunday because I am beating him in Fantasy Football and then Monday rolls around and he pulls out the victory. And yes I never heard the end of it. Then when I actually beat him he won't talk to me and acts like I am a jerk for saying anything. 

Did this suddenly sound like I am bashing him? Because I didn't intend it to be, haha. But for realz, he is great. 

I am excited about our future and what we will make happen for our kids and us. Happy 5 years Jess, can't wait for the years to come! If you couldn't tell we take really nice pictures together:)

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