Monday, January 21, 2013

Growing Gatlyn

Gatlyn is 15 months, which I had to like physically look at the calendar to figure that out. And yes, I just wrote that he was 13 months like 4 times today at a doctor's appointment. Oops! Not the first and sure as heck won't be the last I mess that up, at least I got his birthday right.

So it has been a little bit since our last up date, actually his birthday! Boy have things changed a bit since then!

Praise the Lord we have not had to deal with the flu or an awful cold as of yet. He has a little cough, so I put a vapor plug in the wall and am starting him with some breathing treatments. Hopefully this will keep it under wraps. He is also teething and you know the fun stuff that comes with that.

Gat has 4 teeth on top and 3 on bottom. He is going to have some big chompers! And they are taking FOREVER to come in.

He is now a whopping 18.8 pounds and honestly I don't know how long he is. But he is a short little fella. He is currently rolling over from back to front && front to back. That is exciting and pretty new, only been doing back to front for a month (and honestly not that often). With all of the time Gatlyn had to remain on his back he lost like all flexibility newborns have. So we have been slowly trying to get back that flexibility. This has been happening with therapy weekly (in our home) and also we (being Jess and myself) work with him daily. Anyway I guess what I am trying to say is that is why he is delayed. He wants to do stuff he just physically can't, which makes him more agitated. He is starting to get around on his own by rolling a little bit.

Medically Gat is breaking free of a lot of things. Let me just make it a list:)

  • No more valium:) (This was for his anxiety/muscle tone, just calmed him a bit)
  • No more reflux meds! (We had to start him on them when he got the stomach bug back in August/September) When he got the bug his Nissen was stretched, therefore he was spitting up all the time. Now that it is healed we are off the meds!
  • He also no longer has to take his multi vitamin with iron, which quite frankly was disgusting and I hated giving it to him. It reminded me of some vitamin I used to give my old dog, Kenya.
  • Only on his pump for 2 hours throughout the day. Which means 4x a day we turn it on for a half hour and he gets 75mL over that time, these are called bolice feeds. He is also on for 11 hours at night at 40mL. We are slowly progressing to try to get him to take more volume in a half hour. Then hopefully he will only have like 5 bolice feeds a day and no night time. (Which would be awesome, no more wet sheets in the morning? You would pee a lot too if you drank all night!)
  • We also went to the eye doctor on the 17th and found out he is clear of the eye doctor until he is 3! Then if he is still good then we won't ever have to go back. Miracle I tell you, blessing from God for sure. I love hearing and can't get enough of a doctor telling me he is a blessing. Or when they tell you over and over how you could never tell by his eyes he is a preemie and is so bright. LOVE. IT.
I just love all the good news! Okay, so we took some things out and are adding a few in;)
  • Gatlyn goes for his third hearing test on January 28th. Trying to get a grip on what is going on. He is "referring" in his left ear on some of their test. Don't know a lot right now, so more to come on that later.
  • Gatlyn has been drinking from a "honey bear" bottle. It is a honey bear bottle literally. Just no honey in it! They just stick a rubber tube in the top and I can squeeze the bear to make formula come out. Gat is really enjoying his vanilla formula. Not in large amounts or anything but we are definitely making some progress there!
  • He will eat about 2 ounces of baby purees now. He LOVES and gets SO excited when he sees me get the spoon and food out. He favors fruit flavors, specifically anything with pears. What kind he eats is not a concern because he gets all the nutrition from the formula. (30 calorie formula!)
  • His most recent addition is a black helmet. This is to help the shape of his head. Gat's head has been growing out instead of back. Therefore we decided we should work on getting that rounded out. The helmet only effects new growth. It is NOT squeezing his head or anything. It touches 2 areas of his head that we don't want to grow and then allow for new growth elsewhere. It is black helmet with a red strap. We have to get some decals to put on it. It will be his little redwings helmet (is there any other option!?! Go Redwings!) He just got it on Wednesday and we have a 5 day break in schedule. No worries, Gatlyn does not even care. He actually thinks he is pretty big stuff, I think he thinks it is a cool hat. It doesn't seem to bother him at all actually. Other than the fact he can reach the valcro strap and loves the sound when he scratches it.

Gat is really a sharp little guy. He is trying to make more sounds which is so exciting. He legit knows dada, mama, and uh-oh. We all get so excited when he says something that he will do it again and then wait for us to smile and say it back. I love that he is starting to "converse" with us!

happy. happy. happy.

I hope everyone is staying healthy, I hear there is a ton of crap going around! Wash your hands more than necessary;)


  1. What great news Mallorie! So happy to hear he is doing so well....he's definitely a cutie pie!!

  2. Hi Mallorie! I saw your comment on my blog and I just wanted to say thank you for finding me and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the CP world. I know it is still fairly new to you and it is going to take awhile to adjust, but just as you said - it is not a death sentence!! Your little man is strong and beautiful and he will amaze you as you go through this journey with him. Good to know someone else in MI! Take care - Keri


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