Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2 Things I Discovered This Week

I wanted to share pictures from our Girls Only Weekend (that Tim crashed, because his work trip was cancelled) but alas I still haven't gotten around to putting them all on my laptop. I promise later this week (maybe tomorrow) you'll get to see all the cute craziness that happened!

So instead tonight, I'm sharing a couple of things I discovered this week.

1. Baby Blackbird
I love discovering new blogs to add to my Google Reader. Tonight via Snappy Casual, a style blog I read, I stumbled upon Baby Blackbird. It's a little style blog, she blogs about children's style and post incredibly cute photos of her kiddos. I often hear "there aren't any cute little boy clothes, girls have such better options" I think Baby Blackbird will make you change your mind, her boy looks hip and handsome!

2. How to Style My Hair Curly
Naturally my hair is a little curly, but no where near as curly as Alexis' and it doesn't even come close to as curly has Mallorie's! Up until this week, when wearing my hair curly I would wash my hair as normal, towel dry it,  brush it, and then use mousse or gel to scrunch it up. The result was frizzy wavy hair that didn't really look that good. But earlier this week I read a blog post that changed my routine —I didn't bookmark it so I can't share it :(

Now I shampoo my hair as normal, but instead of rinsing all of my conditioner out, I do one quick rinse with cold water and leave most of it my hair. The cold water and leaving the conditioner in helps make your hair shiny. Then after I get out of the shower I blot it dry with a towel, and use my fingers to comb it out—this keeps the curl from being "combed" out and frizzy, and makes them more defined. Then while my hair is still pretty much sopping wet I add my mousse, scrunch, flip my hair back, and then I don't touch it. I couldn't believe how much of a difference doing this made, my hair was shinier and the curl was more defined. And it didn't look greasy, which is what I was worried about!

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