Sunday, March 4, 2012

Registering 101

Welcome to the first post in our wedding series. Over the course of the next few weeks we'll be sharing what we should've done, wouldn't of done and what we'd do again when planning our weddings. This first post will center around creating your bridal registry. Added bonus is the fact we are all together during this post! (YAH!! doesn't happen often) We are spit ballin' every detail of this post. 

Registering 101
  • Make sure you know the return policy at the stores you're registering. If you get 3 toasters, you want to be able to return 2.
  • Don't worry about how much things costs. Put what you really want on your list. If they think an item is too expensive, guests will either go in on a gift together or find something in their price range.
  • Make sure you're not double registering for items.
  • Don't settle on something you don't like—if you can't find a bathroom set you like, just don't register for one
  • Know your decor style
  • Don't be afraid to say no to an over zealous store employees
  • Utilize your internet access to your registry
  • Registering at more than two stores is kind of a lot for guests and it's hard for you to manage
  • Think your storage space—do you really need a George Forman, girdle and a electric skillet?
  • Some things aren't "fun" to register for, but are handy when you're need them. Example: card table (thanks Grandma for knowing we'd need this!)
  • Consider registering for individual pots and pans instead of a complete box set
  • Same goes for bedding—and make sure you register for a couple sets of sheets, pillows etc
  • Think about adding cleaning supplies, storage totes and other random household stuff
  • The first time you go, take your fiance and set a time limit (thanks for that tip Lacey) then go back with your mom, sister or a girl friend.

We can't stress this enough—don't be afraid to put what you want on your list. Below are the top 3 things we'd each make sure we registered for high quality brands.

  1. Dishes and Silverware: I knew I would get tired of patterned dishes, so I made sure to register for nice plain white dishes in a fun shape
  2. Sheets: you spend a lot of time sleeping, better to do it in sheets a high thread count
  3. Pots and pans: I figured I'd probably have the same set for a very very long time, so better get ones that would last!

  1. Towels: We received nice heavy duty bath towels and 4 years later they are just starting to fray!
  2. Sheets: Cannot stress enough how 10-20 extra dollars for a set of sheets can make your sleep that much better.
  3. Glasses: Figure out if they are durable. No lie, when I would be putting ice in my cup from the dispenser, my cup would just break.

  1. Sharp Knives: Be sure to register for some good knives! I registered for a six pack of cheap knives and they couldn't hardly cut through an onion, talk about frustrating. If the good sets are too expensive consider registering for a couple individual good quality knives, then you know you will have a least one or two good knives.
  2. Towels (bath and dish): Nice towels are nice on the bum ;) and dish towels decorative ones are cool but be sure to get some that will actually soak up water.

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  1. I will definitely be reading this blog frequently! I am in the process of registering now...thanks for the tips!


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