Monday, March 19, 2012

Four Already!?

Today Jo turned 4! It is so crazy to think that all of these first and last are coming up. It makes me a little sad. I am happy for her to grow up and can't wait to see the woman she is going to become. I will be savoring all the sweet things she does and says. Soon she will be too old for those things and we will spend majority of the time arguing... seriously. Isn't that what all teen girls do with their moms? I know I am jumping the gun a little.

Jo wanted a sprinkle party, so I just put colorful balloons up and made a fun cake. I have done 3 big parties for her in the past, it is a lot of work. To be honest she was just as happy this year as she was at the others! We had our parents and siblings over for cake and ice cream. Of course her bff, Punky, came over as well. They are actually sleeping upstairs. Which is a first! Her first sleepover here! YIKES!! We also had a few snacks out:) Here are some pictures!

The set up:)

She thought she could blow them out sitting down.

A new bat. She is now officially ready for softball season!

After everyone left and I was cleaning up in the kitchen. Jo walked in with a huge smile on her face and hands on her head. She said in a shocked voice, "I just can't believe I am four!!" This girl is so crazy!
Her cake was AWESOME, if I don't say so myself! I got the recipe from an awesome blog that I read called Sprinkle Bakes. They put sixlets on their cake. I decided gumballs were more appropriate for Jo's birthday. She is the gum queen!

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