Sunday, March 11, 2012

Should Have, Wouldn't Of, Glad We Did

Our #1 Piece of Wedding Planning Advice
We think the most important part of planning your wedding is picking your color scheme and the look and feel of your big day. After you've decided, stick to it and make sure you're thinking about it when making every decision, from your dress, your bridesmaids' dressed, your invites, flowers and other decorations. Also make sure you take into account the time of year you are getting married, what works in the Summer doesn't necessarily work in the Winter or Fall.

Here are several other should have, wouldn't of and glad we did tips:

Should Have
  •  Used some sort of organizational system; binder or notebook
  • Included our mother in laws more. Taken them dress shopping and include them in on more of the planning.
  • An itinerary and passed it out to anyone and everyone involved on the day of.
  • A print out of pictures and poses that we wanted.
  • Jamie would have had a back up plan. She had an outside wedding.(Luckily the weather was perfect and she didn't need one, but still should of had one—just in case)
Wouldn't Of
  • Done extended family shots. It ended up taking more time and honestly who prints them. Alexis actually didn't do this, her photographer suggested not doing it. 
  • Mallorie said, she wouldn't have done a buffet dinner. 
Glad We did
  • Was very specific on how we wanted our cake. Took pictures, drew it out and made notes for the baker.
  •  We are glad we didn't have our bridesmaids spend a large amount of money on dresses.
  • Had a more intimate ceremony 
  • We like cutting the cake first thing. Or else it just seems to get lost in the night. 
  • Very specific on what songs not to play at the reception. We aren't the chicken dance type of people.
  • We had one of a kind wedding invitations (Jamie designed Mallorie, Alexis' and her own!)
We're sure there are many other things that could be added to this list. If you have any share them in the comments for our bride-to-be readers! Next Sunday, we'll share our budgeting tips—where you can cut your budget and where to splurge.

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  1. You should person on your wedding day will make sure everyone/thing is where and what you want. That way the bride or mother of the bride can enjoy the day!
    I had a back up plan for Jamie's wedding :) a tent was on stand by!


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