Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do Your Kids Dress Themselves?

 Do you or will you let your children dress themselves?

Anybody that knows Jo knows that she dresses herself. So my take on letting your kids dress themselves, "Let them do it!". I find it hilarious what she comes up with. Although I don't believe Jess would agree. This is him, "Is she going out in that?". I am guilty of trying to convince her something else will look better though. I rarely win. I think it encourages them to be independent. And independent is what I want my kids to be. Rae is already starting to tell me what she doesn't want to wear. 
She loves wearing tights, this day she also did her make up as well.

She really did go out in public with her tights on her head:)

I hope that when the time comes, I'll let Love Bean wear whatever she wants. Of course there will be certain times, when I'll have to make sure she doesn't look too crazy. But if we're just making a quick trip to the grocery store or if we're just taking a walk around the neighborhood, then I don't really see what's wrong with letting her dress herself. 

I think that letting kids dress themselves encourages them to be who they are, and it also feeds their creativity. As Love Bean gets older, I plan on doing all I can to encourage her to be creative. That doesn't necessarily mean artsy - but that's a whole other post. Right now I've sort of started living vicariously through her—I've always wanted to be a hat person, but they just never look that good on me—Love Bean on the other hand can pull off a fedora like nobody's business.

I see Jo walk into moms in CRAZY outfits all of the time, and I look at Mal and say "Really?" Mal just shrugs her shoulders. But I have to say, seeing Andi absolutely LOVE what she is wearing and being proud of it puts the biggest smile on my face. I think that smile will be worth way more then fighting to get Ruth dressed in what I want her to wear for the day. All I have to say is, I am taking full advantage of being able to pick out what Ruthie wears because I have faced the fact that someday I won't be able to. But you better believe I'll be all for her picking out her own clothes and supporting it, unless it's hoochy of course! I would also like to add that Ruthie is quite the girly girl. She loves getting her nails clipped, her hair brushed, and bows put it in it. So maybe just maybe I'll get lucky and have a little fashionista on my hands ;)

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