Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exciting News

46 days until the March For Babies walk! We are so excited about all of this!! We have raised $425 so far. Our goal is $2,000 and I am more than positive we can make it. We are selling T-Shirts until April 1st. If you want one please email me at mschrock89@gmail.com or facebook Alexis or myself.

Gatlyn made HUGE improvements yesterday! He flipped a switch and decided he was going to nipple 3 times yesterday. Instant tears when Jess called and told me. I am giving all thanks to the Big Guy. I just pray that he continues down this path and keeps improving. If he remains on the same schedule with feedings he should be home in 3-4 weeks. My life will be 10x easier once he is home!

I feel like we are starting to finally see the light. We are almost there!!

Lazy Day

Sock Monkey Outfit


Look at those hands.

Learning from daddy

Helping her skate

She was loving her daddy time!

She was doing good!

Scoring on daddy.

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