Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March for Babies

I am so excited about this post. It is my honor to invite ANYONE who reads this to be apart of our Twenty Something Mama's team for the March for Babies. It is a lot like a Relay for Life event but all donations go toward March of Dimes. I am sharing our team page with you and there you can read more about the event.

We are also getting a Tshirt around to sell and have it be a fundraiser for our team. We set our goal high but we are sure we can make it. We want to raise $2,000 for March of Dimes. Please help us reach this goal and possibly go even above and beyond that!

There are obvious reasons why we want to help raise money for March of Dimes. Gatlyn is about 5 months and been in the NICU for his whole life thus far. Not only does the March of Dimes help fund research and such, but, also they do things for NICU families. Each holiday Gatlyn has been there for he has received a small gift of some sort from March of Dimes. I don't recall if it was for a holiday or what but Jess and I were given a gift as well. With tea, hot cocoa, cups and a couple snacks. They do so many things for families in the hospital. I think you get the picture why it is important to us. But, just to make sure you got how much they can do I have a little story.

When we found out Gatlyn had NEC we had a lot of questions. Was it something he "caught", or something is was around? How did he get it? Why? and What could we do? What is there to do? And our Doctor replied, "We don't know why premature babies get it, and we don't have a cure for it."
Me, "Oh ok..."
Dr. "Make sure you support your local March of Dimes."

I know that may seem weird but, you can't catch the tones of his voice and stuff. He was just saying support that and maybe in the future we will know. This yet again enforces why we are so excited to help raise money for such a good cause!

I am sure they may hit home with more than just us. Help support March of Dimes!

A quick update on Gatlyn: He has been doing awesome! Feedings are going up slowly but surely. Alexis and I went and seen him today. We got to meet with his Occupational Therapist and got lots of tips on doing his oral stimulation. Then we also got to meet with his Physical Therapist where we shown and I was tested on different stretches for Gatlyn! It was a productive day:)

Click HERE to visit our team page. Comment or inbox us if you would want a Tshirt:) Thank you so much!

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