Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10x10 Remix Challenge

The three of us mamas have been struggling lately with redefining our style. We all feel like we're caught somewhere between shopping in the Juniors Department and the Ms. Department (or as we like to call it the mom section). The Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lopez and Simply Vera collections at Kohls seem to be a good in between—Alexis shops the LC collection a lot :)

In an effort to work with what we have, we took on our own version of Kendi Everyday's 30x30 Remix. We decided to start with choosing 10 pieces from our wardrobes and make 10 outfits from only those 10 pieces. We didn't count accessories like jewelry, belts, shoes and camis—because ya know after having a kid ya gotta wear one to suck things in sometimes. We started the challenge about a week ago and we're at the half way point. Below are our first 5 outfits, a list of the 10 pieces we chose, and a little bit about how we're feeling about the challenge so far.

I have been loving this challenge. It has helped me find outfits I never knew I had in my closet!

I am LOVING this challenge. I am in the process of making a new wardrobe. It helping me see what clothes I do have and what things would be nice to have. By the way, this blue dress is my FAVORITE! I would buy it in every color if I could. (I actually only saw this dress there, no other sizes or anything. I think it was meant to be!) Oh yah, Jess took all my pictures besides the one in the grey capris. Andi took that one. Maybe I will put my face in next weeks pics;)

Yes, that first shirt is a maternity shirt, but there is no way you would ever know looking at it, the back is completely sheer and sexy. So far I'm feeling pretty good about the challenge, it's actually been easier than I was expecting. I think it would be harder in the Fall or Winter when I do more layering.

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  1. I this challenge.... I want start diggin into my wardrobe right now:) God Job Ladies!


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