Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Purees to Table Food

We've talked about making your own baby food a few times on the blog (here, here and here). Aside the occasional baby food pouch, Love Bean transitioned to eating only table food about a month or so ago. But once she started refusing to be spoon fed, I had about of weeks worth of homemade purees made. Not wanting to throw it away, I came up with a couple ways to use it up.

  1. Spread it on toast. I used up the last of my Summer Squash puree this way. Love Bean ate it right up. Toast is like a blank canvas, you could spread any puree on it. Right one of Love Bean's favorite treats is toast with applesauce and cinnamon or her grammy's homemade jam.
  2. Use it as a "sauce" on pasta. I used up the last of my pureed carrots by mixing them with pasta. I mixed in some other whole veggies for a colorful fun meal to eat. 
I really enjoyed making Love Bean's baby food, and I think it's put me on a good track to feeding her healthy meals as she gets older and is in school. We're already in the routine of waking up and making blueberry pancakes or mushroom and cheese omelets for breakfast, so I think I'll be less likely to start shoving bowls of sugary cereal in front of her when she can hold a spoon.

I know we always say this, but making your own baby food really isn't hard, and it's less expensive. If you have any questions about making it, recipes you want to share, or other tips and tricks please share in the comments!


  1. Jamie- I LOVE the ideas. Never would I have considered toast. I too have purees that E won't eat, but don't want to waste. Thanks :)

    1. Thanks Jackie! Hope E likes it as much as Stella :)


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