Monday, July 23, 2012

Good Intentions

I have the best intentions, but rarely follow through. Even the caption to my Pinterest profile is "I have good Intentions...". haha. Whether it be with making phone calls to organizing a room. My new challenge is to commit to something and do it.

It is going to start with this. . .
Yes, this does say Gat is getting his broviac out!!
I know it seems simple. But, I don't do it. I never write down anything. From now on everything gets written down. In the SAME place. Good Lord I hope I can do it! I need to remember everything better!!

Each week I am going to take one room and make it my "project". I want to get each room organized the way I want. Pictures hung up and a good cleaning. We have lived here two years and I have yet to make it feel really "homey". I hoping saying it on here will help me do it even more!

Another thing I am adding into my routine is writing and sending out a card each week. I feel like a hand written note goes along way. I am going to take it back a little in time and take time to make sure people know I am thinking about them. My sister and I did it a lot when she lived in Chicago and I couldn't wait until she wrote back. It seems juvenile I know, but it takes time and energy for somebody to do that.

The third and final thing is start running again. I dislike running soo much! But, the feeling that I get afterward is so rewarding. If I'm ever going to get this extra weight off I am going to have to. So, if you're in Clarksville and see me running-feel free to laugh;) If any of our readers run because that's when they do their best thinking, let me know what the trick is. When I run all I can think of is, "When and the heck is this going to be done!?".

Maybe someday my life will not be chaos, but I doubt that time is anytime soon!

I just popped over to Pinterest and seen this, how perfect?!

Running anyone?!


  1. I just started using the RunDouble app for Couch to 5k. It eases you into the running, which I needed. You run and walk in intervals and it tracks your times, distance, maps it and tells you when to run and walk. I LOVE it.

    1. Thanks Addie, I will have to look into that!


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