Monday, July 30, 2012

Social Media

I was perusing the world wide web the other day. I noticed people of all ages will say anything behind a computer/phone.

Then when I was on my run that night I started thinking about it again. Crazy right? I could actually think. I seriously TRIED to think on my run. I WILL love this eventually...right? I can't stop thinking about how this whole sit behind our computer/phone is effecting people each day. Why can't we just be honest. Or what's that old saying that your mama used to say, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all."

Then I was in the shower and it came in my head again. WHY?!?! Why do I keep thinking about this? Why does it bug me so much? Would these people take the time to write it in a letter and send it in the mail? Heavens sakes no, they would actually have to TELL the SPECIFIC person what is bothering them.

I am generally not the person to post something via facebook or twitter to "attack" someone. I did say generally. Or be passive agressive toward anyone. Sometimes I let my feelings get the best of me. When I see people posting things on social media I get annoyed. I get upset. It bugs me that people feel like they can talk like that behind their computer/phone. I am sure many people would NEVER say those things to a persons face. If they did, shame on them. It is ridiculous the things you find bouncing around on twitter and facebook. It is crazy how gutsy people can be!

This why my children will be locked in a closet...FOREVER! Ok, so I don't think I can get away of that. Honestly though I am going to do my best to keep my kids clear of all of that stuff. I don't even want to know what will be out there in another 10 years.

When talking to Jamie about this topic she told me about something she was reading on the web. It turns out that I had started reading that article two days before and had been interrupted. Surprised? Not at all. SO I finished reading the article and when I got to the end it was talking about this topic. I love the outlook she has about handling social media as a parent. Before posting a status or posting anything in general think about these questions. Would you go through and say that to EVERY person on your friends list? Or EVERY person who is following you?

I challenge you to do that. THINK before posting.

After I was done writing in my journal about honesty and what I want to say here. I started looking at old entries I made when in the hospital. I stumbled upon some things I wrote down from a devotional book.

"I know full well the thoughts and attitudes of your heart, so it is wise to be honest with Me."
-Jesus Lives Devotional


  1. Are we sharing a brain:

    I was up all night thinking about this the night before I wrote it.


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