Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shot to the Heart

I'm addicted to four things, the internet, television, fountain pop and Zulily.  I've started a Parenting By Design devotional. How are these things connected? Let me share, I promise you'll see the connection if you can keep up with my ramblings. 

Last night after Love Bean went to bed, Tim's dad called. They talked for a long time, they always do so it wasn't unusual. But while he was on the phone I was thinking about how even right before our move, when we were only seeing each other once a week, we never had a conversation as long as the ones he has with his dad. I mentioned this to Tim when he got off the phone. His response? "I don't have anything I can talk to you about for that long." OUCH! Shot to the heart. My mind went immediately to this thought, "are we going to be one of those couples that has nothing in common after their children are grown?" Don't worry, we're not having marital problems. We're very happy together.

Cut to our bedtime and my nightly devotional. Last night's topic was "Hope in the Unseen" and how we need to be example for our children in having faith in the unseen so that we aren't swallowed by the desire to live for today's culture. It's easy to be distracted by media these days (TV, Internet, Magazines etc). They are in our face 24-7. 

However, what I gleaned most from last night's devotional was not about parenting, or faith. But rather how important it is not be consumed and distracted by media in my relationship with Tim. I'm constantly, on the computer, watching TV and checking my phone. Sometimes doing all three at the same time. Seriously, no wonder Tim and I haven't had a decent conversation. He never has my full attention when he gets home from work. So, I've committed to limiting my TV time after he gets home, to shows we both enjoy, and to not being on my computer at all from the time he gets home to the time he goes to bed. I'm not going tell him this is what I'm doing either. Just going to put it into practice.

It's funny how God will lead you to what you need to hear, even if it's a realization about your relationship with your spouse, through a devotional written to help be an intentional parent. What about you all, has God ever worked in your life in this way? Have you ever felt this way about an aspect of your relationship with someone in your life?

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