Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Girls & Boys

Alexis and I both have this weird obsession with buying clothes for our little girlies in the boy's section. I think it's a common misconception that many moms have is that there aren't as many cute boy clothes options as there are girls. Alexis and I beg to differ. We find so many cute pieces, and we've found that often times the boy's clearance racks aren't pick over as much as the girl's racks, so you can find some really great deals!

 I paired this boy's sweater from H&M with some army green leggings and motorcycle boats for a cute Winter look for Love Bean.

Roo's Captain America t-shirt is from the boy's department at Target. Alexis paired it with black shorts and a red bow to make it a little more girlish. Love Bean is wearing a boy's t-shirt from H&M. I went ultra girly pairing it with a black tutu, tights, a headband and red shoes.

The boy's blue and white pin striped shoes are from Target. I rolled up a pair of jeans into capris, added a bright yellow tank and a big flower headband.

Roo's jean shorts with suspenders are from the H&M boy's department. Pairing them with a girly shirt and red bow make them just girly enough.

Hopefully seeing the outfits we've put together for our girls will inspire you to take a look in the boy's section for your little girlies too. Or even better to raid your son's closet when dressing your little girlie. We'd love to see any outfits that you put together just share them on our Facebook page!

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