Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You Know You're a Mom When . . .

  • You tuck your cami into your pants
  • You catch yourself enjoying Mickey Mouse Club House
  • You know how to hold a kid in one arm and wipe with the other, and then pull up your pants, because there is no way you're letting them crawl around a public bathroom floor
  • When catching throw up or snot is no longer a fear . . . its an instinct
  • Going the bathroom by yourself is a privilege. 
  • When you wake up to silence instead of a kid in the morning, you try to wake up again because you think its a dream
  • When you are dreaming the baby is crying. . . or is he really?
  • When you wake up because you feel someone staring at you. Then you jump because there really is.
  • You blare your radio, not because you really like the song, but because you're drowning out the screaming kid in the backseat. 
  • You ask your child questions that you're really expecting your spouse to answer. (i.e You're stinky, why didn't Daddy change your diaper?)
  • When rinsing poop out of clothes doesn't even phase you.
  • You don't have to look at the words when reading their favorite book. Pout Pout Fish and Llama Llama
  • You make beds on your bedroom floor in your sleep.
  • You give the mom in the grocery store with a screaming kid the "I've been there too" look instead of the "shut your kid up" look


  1. Sadly, a lot of these hold true for furry children as well. Mainly the ones that involving catching bodily fluids to avoid having to scrub carpets and never getting the bathroom alone. :sigh:

  2. So funny! The Pout Pout fish and all the Llama Llama books are hits in our house too!


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