Friday, July 13, 2012

Ruthies Room Makeover

So for the past 6 months Ruthie and I have been sharing a room. Well after weeks of being stranded in my room because she was sleeping and having to plan when I would get ready around her nap schedule I decided it was time for her to move out. My mom gave me permission to redo a spare storage room upstairs. So with the help of my lovely sisters, Ruthie got her own room (which she LOVES by the way!).

Take a look!

This was the room before. It used to be one of Owen's many rooms before he moved out aka why almost every room upstairs has been dark green and brown and "hunter" theme. After he moved out it became just a storage room. So first step move everything out!!
Second step: Rip nasty carpet out. Yes Ruthie and I did this by ourselves and yes I did use my mother's kitchen spatula to scrape off the extra padding. Third step: Paint! Thank goodness for my sisters helping with this part because I hate painting. I decided to go with a white ceiling and a really light powder blue. Paint was from Menards primer 2&1 which saved us a lot of time. We only had to do two coats to cover of that dark green.

 We did quite a few "redos" Throughout the room. This is the before pictures of the letters the spell Ruthie, the crib, and the cabinets.
 Jamie wrapped the letters in yarn. I did not have the patience and it was difficult task but They turned out really cute, the pictures don't do them Justice. I spray painted the crib yellow. After 8 can of spray paint I am really happy how it turned out and I think it gives a great "pop!" to the room. I did two layers of a primer spay paint first (I would do one more layer next time) and then continued to spary paint with yellow until I was satisfied and got sick of running to the store to get more. The cabinets were really simple, my mom had some of these extra knobs so I chose just to replace the old one and I think that simple change to a big difference. Those are from hobby lobby.
 Ruthie had this cute mobile over her crib as a baby, however it did not make it in the move as you can see. It was a tangled mess. I did not want to get rid of it, but I could not get it untangled. So I chose to cut the butteflies off and frame them. I painted one yellow to kind of tie in the crib, and hung it on the wall.
 The walls needed some more things so I went to Blue J aka my sister Jamie's design business. I went to with her with some ideas and she came up of some her own. She made me this silhouette of Roo eating her cake and the "R is for Roo" She also help me with the silhouette of the kangaroo. 
Well here is the finished product! I got the white curtain at Target and had that old lamp laying around to just bought a new shade. Just added her things like her rocking chair, rocking horse, books and toys! She absolutly loves it in here and often climbs upstairs to go sit in her chair and read books (yes I am aware of how old ladyish that sounds). 

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