Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Love List

Schrock Family Vacation
Gatlyn is turning 10 months!
Raelin is going to be officially potty trained this month. (We have had a MAJOR break through)
Jesse is working 3rd shift, so maybe some more family activities.
My friend Lindzy is getting married:) So excited for her!

Brodbeck Camping Trip
Pig Roast
Cousin Kasey's bridal shower, us Brodbeck girls love throwin a good party :)
I start my last full semester of school (almost done!!!!!!)
South Haven beach house with the fam

Hub's 25th birthday
Pig Roast (family reunion that I haven't been to in forever)
Brodbeck camping trip (that I haven't been on in forever)
Kasey's bridal shower
Starting to plan Love Bean's 1st birthday party
Mom and Dad's South Haven Beach House


  1. I feel special after this post!

    1. You are special Kasey! We are all very happy for you and your family!


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