Friday, August 24, 2012

Extra Love

It's Friday and I'm feeling extra generous today so I'll give ya two posts! ;) Or I am just really bored because I don't have Roo this weekend.

We met up with Ruthie's Lola (Grandma) today as it is her weekend to go to her dads. We meet half way in between his house and my house, which is Howell, to make the switch. The bonus, yet potential downside, of this location is the outlet mall! Jamie and Stella decided to tag along and do some damage at the mall while we waited. We found some great deals, so I thought I would share our findings with you. In my defense, "Of course Ruthie & Stella pretty much begged us for everything, so we couldn't say know." In Jamie's defense, "Tim you don't wanna know the damage I could have done so just be thankful for what you don't see."

Top Left: Stella's finds. Royal blue jeans and flower tank from Old Navy and stripe tank from Gap.
Top Right: Ruthie's finds. Flower T-shirt from Gap and orange polka dot leggings from Gymboree (which she will wear as part of her Halloween costume)
Bottom Left: Stella's find. Black stripe in a 2T that she decided to wear as a dress right now and a shirt next summer!
Bottom Right: Ruthie's finds. Yellow jeans and "Its good to be a girl" tank from Gap.

Both of them made out pretty good Ruthie paying a total of $30 and Stella $36.

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