Friday, August 24, 2012

Fresh Air and Fresh Eyes

This week my mom and dad have been at the beach house in South Haven so instead of staying at the house alone Roo and I have been crashing at Auntie J, Uncle Tim, and Stella's house.

So anyways, Monday and Tuesday we sat inside being lazy all day with our girlies. We sat there for hours in Jamie's dark living room on Facebook and Pinterest which can also translate to sitting their talking about how much we wish we had, what we wish we looked like, what we wish we could eat or basically talking about how much we suck at life. It was a rather depressing two days.

Wednesday, I said OK WE NEED TO GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING INSTEAD OF SITTING HERE FEELING SORRY FOR OURSELVES! We decided we were being ungrateful little, well I'll just say it, brats the two days before. So we got the girls packed them up and went to the park. I must say just getting outdoors and getting some fresh air and actually doing something instead of sitting inside has a big impact. It felt good to get out and the park was a cheap way to do that. So Thursday we got Mal on board and we all went to the pool.

Moral of the story: Sometimes some fresh air and some fresh eyes are all you need to see life a little differently. Well all know once in a while we all need a little reminder that sanity still exists.

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  1. So true, I believe it to be the fresh air that makes us feel better, sometimes you can feel so shut out from the rest of the world... Glad to see other people struggle like I do, I hate how I'm always wanting me to be what I'm not... So unhealthy


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