Monday, August 6, 2012

Water, Sun and a Few Fish

The Schrocks went on a long weekend vacation. It was such a fun time too! We stayed up near the Dodge City/Harrison area on a channel. The channel went to a couple smaller lakes. It was very nice because we could fish, tube and swim. The kids had a blast playing in the cannel. The house that my in laws rented was the perfect size for us all. I cannot wait to go back there someday! Here are some pictures of our fun!

This was our boating fun! Saturday afternoon I asked Jess if we could go out fishing. So we rounded up our kids and headed out. Well minus Jo because she didn't want to go. I had Rae and Gat on my lap while we were trolling around. Trolling is where you drive around the lake slow with your line in the water. I had a lot of help:) About 15 minutes into our trip all the tubers came out. We started to get bounced around and I was laughing and saying we better head in. So we started trolling in. All of the sudden Jess stops and I was like, "What are you doing?!". He said he was pretty sure he had a fish. I am sitting there watching and all of the sudden he has got a huge pike up to the boat. He is telling me to get the net and put Gatlyn in the bumbo seat. I saw that fish and was like, "Jess what do you want me to do!? I can't get that." Plus we had a piece of crap net with us because we really didn't think we would catch anything we would need a net for. I tried getting in the net and it kept getting out and I somehow got the net caught on the lure and flopped him in the boat. Then we were trying to get back and Jess was holding the fish because we didn't bring anything to put it in. We ended up stalling out a bunch of times and took us forever to get in. I guess it made for a good fishing story though! The pike ended up being 30 inches long. Pretty good size fish. Jess caught one other pike and a small mouth bass. I think my father in law caught a decent size blue gill. Other than that we didn't catch much.

Nobody was ready to leave yet:(

The kids minus Rae all go tattoos. And Uncle T and Jo got ahold of the camera. The little picture at the bottom E (our nephew) got stuck in the mote around the sand castle. He shouldn't have knocked it over;)

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