Monday, August 13, 2012

Catch Up With Gat

Gat has been home for 4 months, that seems like such a short time. He still hasn't been home longer than in the hospital.

He got his broviac out two weeks ago and has been swimming, in the bath, and shower. He is loving the water and we like having a good smelling baby, unless his med port opens. His med port sometimes pops open, then formula and other nasty stuff comes out of his belly. It sounds bad but really it is just gross. It doesn't bother him, just us!

Currently he is weighing in at 15 pounds 8 ounces. He has been stuck at this weight for a month. So, I am sure some sort of diet change is in the future. We need him to gain that weight!! 

He still has his feeding tube that is running 20 hours a day. He gets 40 mL over a hours time. The other 4 hours he is off the pump, because of the reflux med he has to take twice a day. 

He is starting to eat some solids, about 5 bites. He tends to eat any mixture with pears. I was going to make his baby food. But, do to the texture his feeding therapist requested that I don't for now. We offer him a bottle 1-2 times a days as well. He usually will take up to 15 mL. He could eat more, but he doesn't have the drive. He never really gets hungry enough to want to eat. If that makes any sense. 

Every other week we go to Feeding Therapy in Grand Rapids. There they teach me what to do and assess his progress. It has been very helpful getting tips and encouragement from them. 

This summer he has had physical therapy twice a month. Starting in September he will get it every week again. Because that is through the intermediate school distract, Early On, they do summers slower. The therapy usually lasts about an hour if he can handle it that long. His therapist stretches him and works on things I would have never thought to work on. She leaves me a list of stuff to work on with him too. The biggest things right now are tummy time and stretching out his legs. 

He has been catching every little virus that is going around. He most recently is fighting a cold. Hopefully he will fight it off with no trips to the doctors or ER. 

It is amazing feeling to have him home. I don't even remember life before Gatlyn. Actually Wednesday, August 15th, will be one year from the time when my water broke. Almost a year ago we thought we weren't going to have a son. Thanks to the big Guy upstairs, we have him and we are soaking it in. 

He is beating the odds and doing awesome. I am so excited to watch him grow and became a toddler:)
The little bandage is where is broviac came out:) He loved his first bath!!

You were given this life because 
you are strong enough to handle it.

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