Monday, August 20, 2012

Funny Girls

I was upstairs while Jo and Rae were outside playing. Jo runs upstairs laughing and says, "Mom, I told Rae to go and hide and that I will count. Then I sneakily came inside. hahaha."
I reply, "Andi that is not very nice you need to go find her."
"But Mom, she is not saying Andi or crying."
"Andi Jo go find her."

: "boochee foo chi ga ga" Alexis: "Andi don't talk like a baby" Jo: "but im not, that's Spanish"

"Mom, I am so hungry feel my belly." She proceeds to walk toward me sucking in her belly.

Me: "Andi you look just like your dad."
Jo: "No I don't"
Me: "Yes you do."
Jo: "But I have your nice skin."

We had just left Heidi's Market and were on our way home and this conversation started. This one was just so sweet. Especially looking back and seeing her powdered sugared face.
Jo, "Mom, I have two questions for you." 
Me, "Uh oh what are they?"
Jo: "First, when are they gonna grow pumpkins?"
Me, "They are already growing them. They just aren't ready yet."
Jo: "Oh. Where were they?"
Me: "In the field."
Jo: "Ok. Next. . . . . . I am really surprised that you let me get this donut."
Me: "I am glad. Thank you for being so good."

Jo had went fishing with her Poppy Ladean and Dad one morning and had a lot of fun. She is a little fisherwoman. She went to my parents after a day or two after that. When they brought her home they informed that she had seen an eagle go in the water and catch a catfish. 

They were impressed;) I asked Jess about it, apparently a seagull had swooped down and got a perch that was floating (aka dead) on the top of the water. I don't know about you but I liked Jo's story better.

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  1. I think my Mimi would get along well with Andi :). Very cute!


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