Wednesday, November 2, 2011

eventful weekend

My sisters were both in town this past weekend. And honestly, they couldn't have had better timing. We all went to see Cowboy on Saturday, I haven't laughed that much in forever. And then me and the girls hung out with them at mom's house that night. Then Sunday all of us were in church with our girls. After church Jess and I went to the hospital to see the wee man. As you read in my previous post, Cowboy isn't feeling the best. Actually he is feeling the worst...and I will pick up from early Monday morning.

I got a phone call from the doctor that Cowboy would be put on a ventilator temporarily. The reason for this is that he can rest and hopefully heal. We also were told that this infection is very serious. So far he hasn't had to have surgery but there is the possibility that he may need it. He has NEC, read more about it when you click on the NEC. So, he has now been on 3 different types of ventilators and is currently on a oscillatory ventilator. There is a lot of information that it is just too much to type. He is on pain medication as well. Finally he is resting comfortably with the help of a couple blood transfusions as well.

On a positive note, Halloween was fun! JoJo loved getting dressed up as a lion. And Raebug was some what of a cupcake. She was just a very cute little girl:) We had a Halloween Feast at our house, having both sides of the family over while passing out candy. Then Jess and I took JoJo to the firebarn for the town party. Andi won the "Most Original". Honestly, it was really weird how they did it. They call out all the 3 and under contestants and walk them in a continuous circle. I didn't go out with her at first, her uncle Scott took her and his son out. It was crazy how they make them walk in a continuous circle and pull out like 5 kids. Here are some pics from our weekend.

lovin on stell bell



the bow is fabulous, but I couldn't get a good pic. 

this is the best i could get.

mountain lion?

Cousins minus cowboy


stell the burrito getting more love

You never know
how STRONG you are
until being STRONG
is the only
choice you have. 

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