Saturday, November 12, 2011

kisses for my cowboy

This week has been crazy to say the least, but it is 2 o'clock on Saturday afternoon and all I can think about it Christmas. This is how I am, I busy myself with everything that is NOT cleaning. I could blame this on the fact that I have a lot going on in my head. If I am perfectly honest though, it's not. I am almost positive I have some type of ADD. I cannot focus on one thing EVER, forget things frequently, and will not sit still. Oh yah, I am really good at finding an excuse at why I didn't/shouldn't do something. Why this little rant you ask? Well, I should be doing the dishes. Like it's REAL bad. In my head though, "everyone probably wants to know what is up with Gatlyn." (welcome to just a peek into my's crazy get out while you can!)

Lately though I have had a constant Christmas list for everybody else going through my head. I have had a few people ask what Jess and I would like. I seriously have no idea. I am just honestly so thankful for everything I have right now. I am perfectly content with my life. Sure I feel like everyone always wants some clothes or shoes. When I have to think about what I really want it gets a little harder. I just really want my family all together once again. And after today it makes me want it even more. . .

Today I insisted that Jess and I take the girls to see our little Cowboy. Jess was very reluctant because the last time we took Rae she made it like .6 minutes (yes I mean POINT 6. like not even a minute). But, I had the idea in my head we were all going together and the girls WILL be stuck with us all day. My plans never really work out the way we want, so, we left at like 10:50. Which once we got almost to Alto I realized hmm...lunch is like in 45 min. SHOOT! It will be AWFUL if I take Rae in there hungry. So, I told Jess, "Sorry we gotta stop to BK and get these girls some food." He gave me a little crap. I just said, "Let me do this my way and it will work." He just sinked down in the seat. ((I was driving thankfully)) He then insisted I had this planned from the beginning. hmm...I was hungry so maybe subconsiously I was thinking this. WHO KNOWs... anywho. Get the girls there meal and insist they have to eat it all or else. Then Jess has to go to Gander Mountain (hunt, fish, camp). So we drop them off there and ran into Sam's to get some blank CDs. This all took 20 minutes. By the time we got to the hospital the girls were just finishing up their food, PERFECT timing. 

We wash up and go see our wee man. Poor fella, is just sooo swollen. But, Rae was AWESOME!! She was blowing kisses and whispering hi! Melted our hearts. She probably was in there 5 minutes. So Jess took her to the waiting room and I finished talking to the nurse. I heard Andi whispering, "Bye bye Gatlyn I love you." So, I said I take it your ready and she said yup. I said my I love yous and gave him a little finger hug/squeeze. Went to the waiting room with the girls so Jess could go back in. And we were there a total of 45 minutes. 

BEST 45 minutes to date. Have all of my kiddos together. I am sooo thankful. 

Another fun thing I went to see Gatlyn on Thursday and his nurse lifted the top of his bed so I could kiss on him. Man, everytime I see him I fall more in love. 

So, now I should really go do the dishes. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Be who you are
and say what you feel
those who mind 
don't matter
those who matter 
don't mind.

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