Saturday, November 19, 2011

a look in the rearview mirror.

I was looking through the memory card from my phone and found some real treasures. So, you get to see them:)
this was saved as BRUCE. which means this is the picture I had for my cousin Bruce's # in my phone...haha

Holy Cow! Great friend Rach and me on the softball bus. Senior year (2007)
Kels & me in the Taurus!
baby bro chuggin on that root beer.
she's caught in the act.

Cousin Tuck pitching and baby bro batting.
my first child...Kenya RIP

young love
i found a lot of just her...

OMG so little!
RIP skiddle hopper and what was the other ones name?haha
fun times.
my sweet kenya. lol

what a hottie!
We used to have so much fun!

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3 of a Kind

Best Friends to the end.
I swear I am not on anything.


Oh Mother!

I have a lot of picture to the day like this. I think I like what I see!haha


haha sexy ladies!

my big bro!
My monkey baby-JoJo

Smiling doesn't always 
mean you're happy.
It simply means
you are a strong person.

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