Wednesday, November 2, 2011

looking at life from 36 inches high

JoJo loves taking pictures, like lots of pictures. PTL for digital cameras am I right?! Well, I have decided to make a post strictly for her photography. It is funny to see things from 36 inches from the ground. And you can definitely see what is important to her. So, maybe these sort of post will pop up every now and then.

Here are the pictures from the weekend with her aunties:) And the captions are her telling me what they are.

they were saying cheese

alddy and rufie

alddy and rufie

rufie sittin in da walker

jamie wifv stella


jamie wifv stella sleeping on da chair

Thanks for lookin at my pics-from Andi:)

PLEASE never
stop being
ODD in the most 
of ways.

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