Friday, January 6, 2012

For all the Baby Mammas out there!

One of the things that I have found most enjoyable with the Princess, especially now that she is older, is making her baby food. I love to buy different produce, mix different things, and see how Ruthie reacts to them. I have yet to make one she spits out . . . knock on wood.

My favorite site to look at and make sure the food I want give her is okay for her to have is Momtastic's Wholesome Baby Food. There is a lot of great information about the different foods an suggestions of how to prepare it or what to mix it with.

I'm not sure how many moms out there make their own baby food now days, I think it is getting to be a lot more popular. For the moms who don't I'm not saying it's a bad thing, because I have a few boughten products on hand for emergencies, but I encourage you to! It is super easy, a lot of fun, and cheaper!

Now I started Ruth out on avocados because they are super easy and the it the produce with the most "good" fats and highest nutrition. It is a great first food for them because of the creamy texture and what not. But then both of us (by both I mean the princess and I) got a little board with just avocado and bananas so we started gettin a little crazy trying new tastes and textures.

Here is an example of my typical baby food makin night. All of the recipes are pretty much what they sound like unless they are a delight, then I have added some extra flavoring such as cinnamon, vanilla, or nutmeg.

I'll keep at least three of these in my fridge and then put the other three in the freezer until needed. But I'd love to hear if others had some success with certain recipes or if there are any Q's out there!  Basically if you can steam and puree you can make it.

Mango & Banana Delight (Ruthies Ultimate Fav!)

1 Mango
1 Bannana
1/4 tsp. Cinnamon 

Dice the mango into cubes, along with the bananas. Place in the steamer and let steam until a fork can easily slide through the fruit. Once steamed transfer to blender (food processor/or whatever pureeing method you prefer), add your cinnamon now and then puree until it reaches the consistency your baby likes. Ruth likes her thicker. 

I'd love to hear  if any other of you mammas make your babies food and some of the flavors they love! Let me know :) Have a great weekend. 


  1. I have a baby food cook book that tells how to prepare different foods by themselves, then also tells good combos of foods, and what spices to add to them & at what ages....let me know if you wanna take a look. :) I love making Luc's food too!

  2. awesome! You'll have to show me some of his favorites!

  3. I made all of Mila's food and will with Elsie too! Mila liked everything too. One thing I did with a friend was we'd each make double recipes of a food and then swap with each other. Worked great!

  4. Thanks for the info girls. Kasey and I went and bought a steamer yesterday so she can start making Kyla's food. She is really excited to start!

  5. Sweet, so glad this helped someone. I bet Kyla is gonna LOVE it!!


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