Monday, April 15, 2013

Do it For Him

So Jess and I have been married 5 years now. I am not an expert on relationships by any means. But, I do like to think we have got a good thing goin'. Obviously we have our ups and downs, it takes a lot of work. I love Jess to death do us part, honestly though, there are sometimes I don't like him as much. Brutal. . . yes. For sure he could say the same though.

I like to think we aren't alone in it though. So in working toward a healthier and fun marriage I have chose to do something for Jess. Something for him that he would like. No it is not sexual favors, rub his feet, or anything like that. I decided to do something with him that he likes to do.

He has been on a gun kick lately. No, this is not the first one. Yes, these "kicks" happen often. A man thing? Maybe. Often though I see just as many women trying out guns in the shops when we go though. (Go them! Not really my thing though.)

Back to the point. Before Jess actually got his he asked me to go out and shoot his dad's and brother's guns. I really didn't want to. But, one day I decided I would go out and shoot. Basically just to shut him up, but I went out. I only shot like 5 times.

I can tell you that Jess enjoyed that more than any "surprise" I have ever planned for him. That day I learned that I was going to enjoy doing some of the things he likes. I am doing them for him. It makes him happy. Supposedly, things aren't always supposed to be about me. Who would have thought!?

Secretly though, it was kind of fun shooting those hand guns. I liked it a lot more than I thought!

So try doing something with husband, partner or whatever. Do something that he likes to do, and try to enjoy it:)

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