Monday, April 8, 2013

1 Thing

We imagine that everyone has something they wish they would have known before starting to have kids. So, we're asking ourselves and you, if you could go back and tell yourself only one thing, before the birth of your first child, what would it be?
Mallorie, remember to remain true to yourself. Just because you have kids now doesn't mean your life ends. Take a night out after Jo goes to bed, try not to feel guilty. You are doing a good job. Load Jo up and go see your friends, they would love to see her too! Have fun and enjoy it all. Oh and seriously take those naps people say you should.

Jamie: I would tell pre-baby Jamie, not to be so hard on her body. And to embrace it while she still had perky boobs, no stretch marks or muffin top and didn't almost wet herself if she sneezed. Sure, I can get rid of the muffin top, but those other things, I'm afraid might just be permanent damage. 
Alexis: I was always one of those pre-baby ladies who was like "I will always dress my child so cute, trendy & yadda yadda yadda." Sooo I would probably just slap the pre-baby Alexis right across the face and say "Hey! All of those cute clothes you want for your baby from Gap, Zara, Target, H&M, Zulilly, Crazy8, or Old Navy are probably are not going to happen. So bless your middle sisters sweet soul for handing down all of those hand me downs, so your broke ass can put gas in your car." 


  1. My one thing:

    Do not be afraid to make time for yourself. Don't feel guilty for having a girls night out, grabbing a drink with friends after a long shift at the restaurant, or spending 10 hard earned dollars on a movie you really want to see while it is still in the theater and your popcorn is hot. Just do it, guilt free. You have my permission -- hell, you have my encouragement. People will judge you less than you think they will. You can be both: Angie, and a good mom.

  2. Jamie, definitely agree with you about not being so hard on your body. I'd welcome pre-baby muffin top and hips at this point!


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