Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Help a Frame Out?

Probably three months ago I was given this wonderful semi-sad gold frame. I am always up for something free and its a bonus I am more of a gold gal then silver, so obviously we were meant to be. A combo of me not knowing what I wanted to put in it and not having the time to complete it, the frame still sits lonely and empty on the wall in my bedroom.

So help a lonely depressed frame and a torn frame owner out. I have narrowed it down to 4 possibly 5 things I want to put it in it.

1. The Great Outdoors : I want to have art on my walls eventually in the make believe house in my head. I really like this piece at Mammoth & Company, along with a number of other prints there. But this one the most.

2. Dream Catcher Watchya macallit: I came across this on Pinterest one day. I used to draw a lot in high school and a year or two after. So my thoughts are to maybe start back up again and take a portion of this dream catcher (which totally reminds me of my indian sister Jamie...there is a story there...) and redraw it.

3. Instagram Framed Art: Instagram is obviously one of my favorite apps. And we all know I get a little crazy taking and posting pics, so I have plenty to frame. Personally I think life would be a little prettier and more enjoyable if we all just wore "Walden" contact lenses (which filter do you prefer?) I also recently found an app "Printicular" which allows you to send Instagram photos to Walgreens to get them printed. If your like me, my iphone has somehow stolen my ability to use a regular camera so most of Ruthie's life is on my phone. It's like .39 a photo, but I don't scrap book or anything like that so in my book its justified.

4. A Simple Pic:  I have thought about just putting a large blown up photo of Roo or Ruthie & I to put in it.

So it's a free of charge poll, you are welcome. Which should I put in my big lovely lonely gold frame?? #1-#4????

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