Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You Should Name Your Child Lucifer.....

This was the first maple syrup season in 3 years that the entire family could spend lots of time together in the sugar house! So of course we did it as much as possible. We all want our kids to be close like we were with our cousins when we were growing up. Plus, I think it means a lot to dad that we go out there and spend time. The girls LOVE it! Nothing better then getting dirty and not getting in trouble, well maybe for the occasional dirt angel. All in all it is a ton of fun.

Things acceptable at the sugar house:
  • Eating pretty much all the time
  • Drinking syrup from a cup (Jo asks for this daily)
  • Requesting Ranger rides as often as possible
  • Drinking the occasional Dew
  • Riding bikes/scooters inside
  • Dirty hands and feet, because you have to take your boots off once in awhile
  • ONLY play clothes allowed ;)

Now onto the title of this post. I, Mallorie, may or may not have suggested that Jamie and Tim should name their child Lucifer. I was thinking of the cat from Cinderella, not that that is a good justification. Either way I silenced the room and got the harshest looks, so I guess that means I won't get a nephew Lucifer. (I am convinced it's a boy) 

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