Friday, April 12, 2013


This blog really took off for me when I started blogging about my pregnancy with Gat. Being that Gat was in the NICU for 6 months I have a lot of knowledge and tips. So what better way to share my knowledge than here at Twenty Something Mamas! Use these tips as you want. Maybe you know your baby will be the NICU. Or maybe you know a family that is going through the roller coaster of having a baby in there. You just never know folks.

  • RECOVER RECOVER RECOVER. While recovering from giving birth to the baby remember to take care of yourself. You need to worry about you as well and don't forget to take time to recover. Giving birth is crazy hard people!! This will be the worst week or two, it is hard to manage the pain you feel physically and the emotional stress that come along with it all. Remember to take care of yourself as well. Keep yourself healthy so you can make important decisions for your babe. Also if you need to take a break from going to the hospital. Try your best to not feel guilty or let anyone else make you feel that way.
  •  Make your babies isolate personal. The first time we took the girls to visit Gat we had them tape picture on the outside of the isolate. They had the actual picture on the outside but looking in at Gat. They loved doing it and it was a great way for them to feel like he was "our Gat". They say to expect a minute for every year old they are. So anything to keep them busy is great! Then around Christmas time, Jo and I went up as a little day date and seen Gat. We stopped and picked up some window clings to stick on their for a little Christmas Cheer. Little things like that make it feel a little more personal. That is a great activity to keep little ones busy why you are visiting. 
First and foremost remember that each person in that hospital is on their own journey. Positive thinking is the only way you will get through the experience. Whether your baby is in there for 3 days or 200 days, each baby has a story. It is very important to not get caught up in when other people are going home.

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