Thursday, May 16, 2013


G baby is getting so big. He amazes me everyday. Every time I get frustrated or feel like he is at a plateau, he does something new.

We are currently working on Gat to pivot around on his tummy without rolling over. Along with that we are have started to work on standing more. For standing and sitting on his own he has to wear his new ankle supports (sorry for no picture but they are so cute!). He most will not crawl for awhile so instead of holding him back we are going to start working on standing and walking more (we being his therapist and Jess and myself). His physical therapist is bringing a walker for him to try out at home. Obviously he won't be walking right away.

The pictures are of him in his stander. It has wheels on it and he really enjoyed being wheeled around on the sidewalk the other day. It takes a lot of work for him to stand up in it and every minute he is in there, it makes me so proud:) His legs/hips are just not strong enough or flexible enough to do it on his own.

He is starting to say a lot of different things and trying to imitate what we are saying more. His favorite is UH OH. It is so cute and he knows that people smile/laugh when he says, he eats that right up. Just in the last couple days he has been "spitting" with his tongue. He thinks that is great. Jess and I took Gat with us tonight and he was trying to bob his head like me and was smiling away. It was so cute and first like that make me smile the most. I love seeing him interact with us more. It is like, WHEW he does know what is going on.

On the medical side of things Gat is doing fairly well. He is not gaining much weight and we have increased his calorie intake by 15%. Still haven't see major weight gains, but at least it is not a loss! In February and March he had lost 2 pounds. Weight loss is no good folks! But, he is getting way taller, which is exciting. I am pretty sure the only thing not growing is his head and feet.

The last helmet check up we went to his head had not grown at all. Which is kind of annoying because we are putting this helmet on him to shape new growth. With no growth equals no change in shape. Oh well, he is still cuter than cute. Wait until you see pics of the hair underneath it all;)

His feet are still a size 2/3, they have not grown at all since his birthday.

I hope you are all doing well and if you are curious about anything feel free to ask!

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