Monday, May 6, 2013

Restaurants and Kids

Jess and I want our kids to behave in public. I want them to sit in a restaurant and have it not be stressful at all (well as much as that can happen with 3 kids). Not too much to ask am I right?

Here is what I am doing to make that happen. For the most part it works but I have for sure had sometimes where I was like, BAD IDEA.

I take our kids out to eat at quick restaurants. Not fancy places at all just casual dining type places. Sometimes it is just to McDonalds (which i dislike more than you know) and other weeks it is to our favorite, Noodles & Company.

I am careful about what time of the day we go and also am very cautious of nap schedules too. I do not like to go at "rush hour" and sit down and eat. I take them by myself because I am a little more laid back when it comes to being in public with the kids. It is probably because I do it way more. I haul them wherever unless it is going to be a complete drag for them or not let me be successful with what I need to do. (some doctor appointments are better without extras). So when it comes to sitting down at Noodles & Co I can generally keep my temper and show patience, I mean I want to eat too!

Bathroom before you even sit down. On average we get up and go the bathroom about 2 times when we go. And sometimes it is because Rae sees someone she just keeps wanting to walk by and stare at. (yes it was 2 teenage boys she was crushin' on) So, drop your coats and go the bathroom before you order. I make all kids go and try, I usually change Gat too. It's happened a couple times where I didn't make Jo go and 5 minutes after we get our food she has gotta go. Or I didn't change Gat and he starts fussing mid meal.

Somedays are kids are GREAT and others it is more trying. Right now our biggest struggle is Gat. He HATES sitting in those high chairs, he is so uncomfortable. Once I went out to lunch with a couple of friends and one of them, Lindz, brought her bumbo for her little girl. I am thinking maybe that would help if I did that for Gat. Although, places that don't have booths that would be trickier. (I probably would get a lot looks if I just plopped him in the bumbo on a chair.

What do you do to make an outing successful? Any tips for me!?

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