Friday, May 17, 2013

$50 Groceries

It works best for my schedule to go grocery shopping on Wednesday or Thursday. So a week refers to Wednesday to Wednesday or Thursday to Thursday. Meal ideas use a combo of the week's groceries and ingredients I already have on hand.

This week I had a quiet a few "must have" items, and I didn't really take the time to plan what else I was going to pick up. On top of that Stella had her first major public temper tantrum. I think if you compare the picture below to past weeks, you'll notice a big difference. I mean 5 different snacky items and no fresh fruit? That's not like me. I do have a pint of strawberries, a half of a watermelon left from last week. That makes up for it a little bit, right?

Quick Facts:  
  • Total Spent: $48.62 ($1.38 under budget)
  • Total Savings: $13.44
  • Savings Break Down:  $4.00 from Mperks, $9.44 from shopping the sale ad
My Must Haves: 
  • Toilet Paper
  • Frosted Mini Wheats (a special request from Tim)
  • Vegetable Oil 
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes
  • Popcorn Oil (another request from Tim)
  • Napkins
Meal Ideas for This Week:

In the comments of my last This Week for $50 post, someone asked about what Tim takes in his lunch, and what Stella and I eat for breakfast and lunch. I tried (as best as I could) to keep track of our meals that week. But it's not the best example because we had a lot of extra stuff going on that week. I went grocery shopping that week on Thursday. I tracked out meals Friday–Tuesday.

  • Breakfast: Tim just drinks coffee, Stella had yogurt and toast, I ate an English Muffin with butter
  • Lunch: Tim took leftover pizza from our dinner out the night before, Stella ate a PB&J, half of a pear, and we split a small bag of Doritos, I ate the Doritos, and salad with leftover steak cut up on it
  • Dinner: Stella and I went to a Premier Jewelry Party so we ate there, Tim made mac and cheese for himself and ate some chips
  • Breakfast: We all had pancakes made from scratch
  • Lunch: We attended the March For Babies walk in Caledonia and they provided lunch
  • Dinner: We all ate homemade burgers and fries
  • Breakfast: Tim and I had English Muffins, and Stella had leftover pancakes
  • Lunch: Stella and I had mac and cheese and some fruit, Tim just ate popcorn
  • Dinner: We had pizza with my family to celebrate Alexis' graduation
  • Breakfast: Tim drank his coffee, I had a banana, Stella ate pancakes
  • Lunch: We all ate leftover pizza that my mom had sent home with us
  • Dinner: Beef enchiladas and pineapple for all of us
  • Breakfast: Tim drank his coffee, Stella and I had ham and cheese omelets
  • Lunch: Tim took the leftover enchiladas, Stella are some pineapple, pear and smoked sausage, I ate a ham sandwich with chips and pickles
  • Dinner: Roasted chicken thighs with garlic parmesan pasta

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