Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thoughts About Pregnancy #2

It's been a few weeks since my last Angry Bean update. I have a lot of random thoughts to share, please forgive the lack of flow this post is going to have. I haven't gotten any better at selfies, this one I took with my laptop, so it's a little better. I guess I could have Tim take the pics, but I just don't really like taking belly pics. It's awkward.

32 weeks - only 8 weeks to go!
I've heard a common fear when you have your second child is—you won't love them as much as you love your first—I'm not worried about that. I have no doubt that I will love Angry Bean, as much as I love Love Bean. Even if their nicknames make the opposite sound true ;)

My biggest fear, is that I won't be able to give them both enough attention. Especially since I'm planning on breast feeding again, and would like to do so for at least 6 months. Nursing Love Bean seemed to take up so much of my day, and you can't really do anything else while nursing, so it makes me a little nervous. Tips please?!

I think my body is already preparing me for sleep deprived nights. I've been waking up a lot of nights around 2:30am and am wide awake. Love Bean was such a good sleeper. I'm crossing my fingers that Angry Bean will be too, but I won't be let down if (s)he isn't, because I know that's not typical. Did you know that 70% of babies don't sleep through the night (6 to 8 hours) until 9 months?

I'm not nearly as worried about having things ready as I was with Love Bean. My mindset lately has been—Eh...I have my boobs, that's all the baby will really need for the first few months. I should probably wash some receiving blankets and onesies though.

I can feel Angry Bean move way more than I ever felt Love Bean. My doctor said this could be for one or two reasons. 1.) I know what it feels like, so I started to notice it sooner. 2.) This time my placenta is at the back of my uterus, which typically makes movement more noticeable. It could have been in the front last time around, adding a little extra padding, and making movements less noticeable.

We have pretty much settled on either Hank or Edison for a boy. Tim is still leaning towards Hank, but I think he's coming around to Edison. And Rosalie is set in stone for a girl. If you ask Stella, she wants a baby Eddie.

The infant carseat we have is mostly black, but it does have dark purple piping, and some tan butterflies on it. Is it bad that I plan on using it even if we have a boy? Maybe I'll try dying it all black or buy a cover for it.

The other day, my sisters forced me to list things I needed to get before Angry Bean's arrival. It was more than I thought, maybe I should get on it.

I feel like I'm the same size as I was the day I delivered Love Bean, so I'm a little nervous to see how much I balloon over the next 8 weeks.

When Love Bean was born, I designed birth announcements but I never sent them out. This time around I want to actually get some in the mail.

I have a second ultrasound tomorrow. My first one showed I had low lying placenta, which I guess is pretty common in early pregnancy. This ultrasound is just to make sure that's it moved up to where it's suppose to be. If it hasn't, you'll surely hear more about it because it will change my entire birth plan. My current birth plan? Not having a plan...

I've started getting heart burn when I lay down at night. I had the same thing while pregnant with Love Bean. And just like they say, she was born with lots of hair, so maybe Angry Bean will be too.

Love Bean is a spitting image of her daddy. It'll be fun to see if Angry Bean has the same features, or if (s)he will look more like me.

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  1. I have gotten seriously good at doing things while nursing/pumping. I can fold laundry while nursing and I can pump both sides (not with a handsfree pump) while doing squats. I haven't mastered nursing while in the sling, but I'm getting better. The sling has been my lifesaver, although I can't speak for it in the situation of more than one babe.

    I think that the baby will care about having butterflies on his carseat as much as Stella cares that you dress her in boys clothes sometimes ;)

    Also, shut up. You're the size I was when I was 4 months pregnant.


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